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( Code of conduct & School Policy ) " Yoga means Self-esteem & Self-dicipline "
  • Always be punctual to your daily Program. No late for any Classes.
  • Respect your teachers and staff and follow all the rules made by the sky foundation for your successful course.
  • Students are required to attend 100% of the training hours.
  • It is strictly prohibited to smoke, drink alcohol or use mind altering drugs in the school.
  • If you plan not to have your meal or breakfast any day . Inform the kitchen manager 3hours before.
  • Sky foundation provides accommodation for a student who joins yoga courses. So any friends or relatives will not be included in accommodation. If anybody is coming with you the school.please give information to management earlier.
  • Sky foundation provides you pure vegetarian ( Yogic Food's). Not allow to eat non-vegetarian food's ( Meat, poultry,fish& eggs etc) in the school.
  • No verbal or behavioral aggression, including passive aggression, towards Classmates, school management team, teachers & staff at any time. This includes gossip, harassment, bullying or any other behaviour that is inappropriate or disruptive to the welfare of the program or to fellow students.
  • No late nights out.we kindly request students to be back school and in your room by 9.00pm for your safety and to support students focus on the training that entails early morning routine and intensive schedule throughout the day. Students are not allowed to sleepover outside of school for the duration of their stay.
  • No using mobile phone for external communication or social media in class during an ongoing class. This is considered disrespectful to teachers and classmates who may require positive and focused class environment.
  • No party or any other entertainment gathering is allowed to be held by student on school premise .
  • No romantic relationship with teachers and administration staff for the duration of your course. Students are strictly advices not to go outside school with a teacher alone, even when student thinks it is not a romantic relationship. Teachers are also not permitted under school policy to Organize trips for students or take a student out for a meal on their own.
  • Withdrawal Policy :- If Student wishes to withdraw from our program for any reason, they must first contact the the program director to discuss their reasons for withdrawal. Fees paid are non- refundable when students decide to withdraw due to personal reasons.
  • Refund Policy :- Advance deposit is strictly non- refundable upon cancellations .
  • special cases :- In case a student need to withdraw from the program due to illness, accident , death in family , or other circumstances that make it impractical for the Student to complete the course, the program may allow the student to return to retake the full course at a future date within a timeframe of 1 year after or before the original course date booked , only if agreed by school management team and only when agreed in advance of students departure. In special cases , proof of such circumstances will be requested by school. There will be additional charges based on students' stay during the uncomplited course ( considered as extra days )
  • Payment Policy :- A minimum advance deposit is required to reserve a spot in your course. Please see required deposit in each course page. The remaining course fee ( if any )is due on arrival .The follow are available payment methods at school reception in Rishikesh, India centre method's may be different in other school locations.
  • Case : we recommend you to pay the remaining balance in cash or going to the ATM.
  • PayPal. :- payment via PayPal is possible but you would be subjected to 6% additional transaction fee.
  • The remaining course fee ( if any ) are required to be made within 3 days after course starts.
  • Anti-harassment Policy :- Harassment Against Member of Protected Class. We do not permit manager, employees, teachers, independent contractors, students or others in the workplace to harass any other person because of age , gender ( including pregnancy), race, ethnicity, culture, national origin , religion, sexual orientation , disability, socioeconomic status , genetic information, or any other basis proscribed by law.
  • Sexual Misconduct :- We prohibit sexual misconduct in our school. Sexual misconduct is any unwelcome sexual advance including requests for sexual favours, sexual touching and verbal , visual or physical conduct that creates a sexually hostile environment at sky foundation. This include misconduct towards school staff, teachers and students, violation within this section will be reported to concerned government authorities.
  • Course Fees Does Not Include :
  • Airport Transfer ( available at additional charges )
  • Travel expenses ( i.e Air fares, Train, Bus, Taxi, ect.)
  • Lundary services ( available at additional charges )
  • Extra Nights beyond course dates ( available at additional charges)
  • Extra excursion not Organize by school )
  • Travel Insurance , Medical Expenses. It's personal expenses.