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I have come to share my Joy truthfully with you.I say,ye human beings among all the species on the earth,you are the greatest.You are the greatest for you can change your destiny,you can build your destiny, you can enlighten yourself.Other species do not have this privilege.From among the kingdom of animals,the kingdom of vegetables,the kingdom of rocks and clay you alone have that privilege.Why are you not enjoying that privilege? I have come to remind you of that.Have you seen Guards at night?They roam around and say "Reman Awake,remain awake!" but you remain sleeping.I am like that guard.Uttishtata,Uttishtata!Wake up,Wake up!.

Jagrata,remain awake. Prapta Varanya bodhasa,gain knowledge.This is my message to everybody.I know they are sleeping but yet I have to say this.This is my duty.This is my job.If I don't do it.I will not be happy.We human beings, all of us,have the birth right to attain the final goal of life,and sooner or later We will reach that goal.So,everyone has hopes.But do you have the patience to wait for such a long time? I don't.

we need to understand one word and that is called freedom- freedom from all bondage,from all ignorance.That state which is free from Stress,strain,bondage and ignorance is called the the state of enlightenment and that can be considered to be the state of perfection. What is the aim and goal of life? You think I am going to tell you it's God?No,that's not being practical.The aim of life is contentment and for that you need adjustment.Can you adjust yourself mentally,physically and through speech so that you are content?What do you mean by being content?I always say:do not be satisfied yet remain content.Contenment is a great virtue that you can develop in your daily life.