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All suffering that afflicts the mind or the body has ignorance for its cause, and all happiness has its basis in clear,scientific knowledge.-(Charaka).

I assure you that we have the power to convert food into poison and we have the power to convert food into nectar.He knew that when we assume responsibility for our own health and healing we will begin to make the lifestyle choices that will enhance our mental,emotional and spiritual growth and ensure Physical health in the process.The most important Lifestyle choice of all is the choice to have a positive mental outlook. "Attitude is the most important factor in realizing health".

"It is more important to be free of the fear of death then it is to be free from death.Fear of death is much more painful than death itself." Holistic health provides a simple systematic approach to proper diet and nutrition,exercise,Breath awarness,positive use of emotions,relationship meditation and yoga nidra,happiness,unconditional love,selfless service and other spiritual practices so that the whole person-body,mind and spirit can achieve radiant health. It is a source of both inspiration and practical instruction for those who are truly determined to bring so much awareness,health, purpose and their daily lives that it spills over into the world that surrounds them.