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Whether you are a yoga enthusiast wanting to deepen your practice, or an aspiring yoga teacher Sri Krishna Yoga (SKY) Foundation's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification programme sets the foundation to live a more meaningful life, through yoga. As a Yoga Alliance approved school, students are guaranteed of receiving a trust-worthy education that meets international standards.

But what sets SKY apart is our life-long yoga teachers who share the secret knowledge handed down through generations of yogis dating back thousands of years. This information cannot be found in books or online, it can only be found in the Himalaya- the birth place of yoga- among the yogis who hold the information in their heart, and practice these ways still today.

SKY offers students of every race, country, colour and creed a once in a lifetime opportunity to change their life, and help change the lives of others through the gift of authentic yoga.

What Makes SK Yoga Teacher Training Different?

Sri Krishna Yoga Foundation (SKY) is one of the few yoga schools in India to offer traditional yoga to foreign students. Our holistic approach to yoga is based on 'The Eight Limbs of Yoga' as taught and practiced by yogis throughout the ages. SKY's teachers have the ability to translate this knowledge into practical advice for improving life in the present day.

SKY's teachers are award-winning yogis, and leaders in their field. They are revered by gurus, the spiritual community and students alike.

SKY is dedicated to the spiritual and professional growth of their students. Each Yoga Teacher Training graduate receives mentorship for six months after completing the course.

SKY Foundation's courses are conducted at safe, clean and beautiful facilities that provide the perfect environment to rest, relax and learn.

SKY Foundation is a not for profit business dedicated to sharing the gift of yoga . Making money is not our objective, but transforming lives of others through yoga, is!

Yoga Teacher Training Structure

Foundation's Yoga Teacher Training Certificate programmes follow an intensive format of study. Each course is structured according to the ancient yogic principles stated in the 'Eight Limbs of Yoga.' SKY's full-immersion approach to yoga study includes early rises, spiritual practice, classes and self-study and differs from the western-style approach to yoga teacher training.

To be yogis, we have to act like yogis. This starts with our thoughts, our feelings and ultimately, is reflected in our daily habits.

Yoga Teacher Training- Daily Schedule

SKY Foundation's daily schedule is designed to maximise students' emotional, intellectual and physical development according to traditional yogic principles.

A course's daily schedule may change slightly depending on its location and season, but generally follow a 6.30 am rise, and 10 pm lights out routine. Students are required to follow this schedule as part of the teacher training programme.

Yoga Teacher Training- Examination and Certification

Students are examined on written and practical assessments. Personal conduct and attendance is also included in the students' evaluation.

Upon the successful completion of SKY's Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, students will qualify as a yoga teacher, and will as receive a certificate approved by the Yoga Alliance USA.

Terms and Conditions

For details on the terms and conditions of purchase, code of conduct and refund or cancellation policy, please refer to the terms and conditions page.