Our SKY Yoga Foundation Spiritual Family


Yogi Sukra Chiatanya


Sukra Chaitanya was born, brought up and educated in the state of Odisha, India. He commenced his yogic journey as a postgraduate student Educational psychology from Sambalpur University, Odisha followed by Diploma in Yoga Science Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, UK. He is a born yogi in every sense of the word. [read more]


Swami Atma

Spiritul Teacher

Swami Atmajnanada Giri, a master of meditation, a yoga philosopher began his journey in the southern state of India, Kerala. Swami Atma was unaware of his spiritual capabilities but educated himself in homeopathy and naturopathy and practiced for many years, helping people on a gratuitous basis. Humanitarian by nature, he wanted to help people's and took up Homeopathy at Kerala and practiced Naturopathy for over years.


Yogi Sachidananda

Kundalini yoga & Integral Yoga Teacher

Sachidananda was born and bought up in Odisha. He has been practicing Kundalini yoga & Integral yoga for over 20 years now. He graduated in Naturopathy and yogic science. To further enlighten himself into the world yoga sciences, he spent 10 years in Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry and continued practicing Integral yoga. It was because of this hunger to search the depth of life forces that Sachidananda started his spiritual journey which led him to learn and practice Kundalini yoga & Integral yoga. Sachinanda teaches a wide range of Transformational Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga in Rishikesh.


Acharya Bhagavan Dev

Great Meditater, Philosophy and Socialist

Acharya Bhagavan Dev was born and got his education in Odisha. He is a founder of Naval Prabhat Gurukul, Bargarh, Odisha. In 1990 when he met with Swami Vada Bharati, who is a disciple of Swami Rama Himalaya in sadhana mandir, Rishikesh his life took a vital turn and he got into teaching and an active socialist. He has started his welfare works and sadhana under guidance of Swamiji Bhagaban Dev who is one of the well-known yoga philosopher. He is a well competent and highly experienced yoga teacher who makes a positive change in the lives of all that he comes across.


Swami Sukhmeet Singh

Meditation & Pranayama Teacher

Swami Sukhmit Singh was born and bought up in Punjab. He completed his basic education in Punjab itself and joined Central reserve police force. There he served for five years to his nation. After that Since 2007, he joins in Swami Rama Dhyan Gurukul, SRSG, Rishikesh. His study started under guiding Swami Veda Bharati (Disciple of Swami Rama Himalaya). During the service, he decided to go deeper for his inner quest. That inner quest leads him to the Rishikesh the foot Hills of the Himalayas. He met his master there and initiated into the himalayan tradition of yoga.


Yogi Prashant

Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Yogi Prashant was born and bought up in Rishikesh. As Rishikesh is known as a place of yogis, he can’t keep himself away from this divine path. He started his yoga journey at associate early age in Sivananda yoga faculty. Growing up within the yogic place Rishikesh helped him to digest this yogic knowledge. After practicing in Sivananda yoga tradition Prashant studied Iyengar yoga with one of the BKS Iyengar (Guruji) disciple in Rishikesh. He so aspired that he went to Bihar School of Yoga (the first yoga university in India), where he did a yoga teacher training and yoga therapy course.


Mohit Bhandari

Yoga Instructor

Mohit was born in Rishikesh and got his basic education done in Rishikesh itself. Mohit is a budding yoga instructor. He pursued yoga from Dev Sanskrit Ashram and through hard work, dedication, and experience, he was initiated his journey almost 3 years back as a Yoga instructor with Yogsutra Foundation and further continued with Rishikul Yogashala, Rishikesh and have several international exposures. Mohit excels in teaching Traditional Hatha and Astanga Yoga and firmly believes in adjustment and alignment are essentials to learn in order to learn and practice any kind of yoga.